My name is Tanya; my son Jonathan “Jonny” unexpectedly passed away on July 24th 2021 after suffering a brain aneurysm which we were unaware of. Jonny was just 3 and a half years old and we are left broken and with so many questions of how? My first blog post recaps the day he passed and the nightmare of his passing. I decided to start a blog with the intentions of being real and raw. Although it may be hard to read at times; it may also help another grieving mother. I have found that websites often say things like “time will heal” or “you learn to live for them”. These are not comforting to me as a mother grieving her baby. I find comfort in other mothers that are real and tell the truth of the nightmare we are living. I will not sugar coat and I will not tell you everything is going to be ok. I hope to validate for other mothers that they are not alone. There is no textbook path for grief.

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