The memories

July 31·  

August 3  · I loved you everyday; now I miss you everyday. Half my heart and soul 💔 

August 4 ·He loved to be zipped up in the sleeping bag, I would pull them around in circles. This is the face I opened it up to. So happy; so full of joy. 💔missing you Jonny 

August 4  · This came today……my baby boy is a hero. We made one of the hardest decisions of our life to donate his organs with the hopes of saving another child and giving parents the gift of a lifetime . The gift we unfortunately couldn’t have. We are honored as a family; but most importantly Jonny lives on. I pray this family reaches out so I can tell them all about my precious baby boy. #donatelife 

August 5  · This little boy gave me hell at times for bedtime . It was the only time mama had to herself to decompress. This night after an hour battle I gave in and within seconds he was out right where he wanted to be ; with his mama. God I would of let him sleep with me every night if I had only knew. I miss my baby 💔 

August 5  ·Brothers forever… heart is completely shattered #hackettboys 

August 6  ·This picture was taken after I returned from a moms weekend. Jonny loved his mama. He said my name so many times during the day, I would sometimes ask him to call me anything but “mama”. I’ve had conversations with Bobby about how he “ loved me too much” ( of course kidding). My chest is so empty without him. He was so relieved his mama was home. I would do anything to have him home 💔💔 

August 6  ·Jonny’s tree has landed…..we didn’t know where it would go until he guided us to a spot that he started weeks ago. If you know Jonny; you know he loves his tools and anything “dangerous”. Little did we know his little hammer marks in the dirt would lead to a new life of a tree in his name. 

My hope is that when I feel like I can’t go on, I can come look at this tree and feel at peace with my son. 

August 6  ·Bath time was our favorite time……I would let you spill all the water for just one more tubby. I MISS YOU SO MUCH 💔 

August 7  ·This little boy loves Halloween. All year he talked about what he wanted to be. He wore his costumes all year round and sometimes even slept in them. This year he wanted to be Shark boy. We watched the movie over and over and I was determined to find this odd request of a costume. I am so sad he will never be shark boy but I will still find that costume. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU MORE THEN MY HEART CAN HANDLE 💔 

August 8  ·This was after Bobbys preschool graduation. We went to Nelson park and let balloons go saying goodbye to preschool. Jonny was so proud to be part of this with his big brother. Jonny looked up to his brother and truly thought he was everything. He wanted to do everything he did including painting his face like sonic. Bobby is struggling to process what has happened as are we. I miss watching them together, I will forever miss this 💔 

August 9  ·Jonny was always happy outside. He rode a two wheel bike at just 23 months and honestly we weren’t surprised. Jonny did everything early ( except wean from my boob)and we knew he was going to be something special. We talked about all the possibilities for him and his future. You never EVER think the story ends as ours did. I only wanted the best for my kids. I am completely lost without my second son. 💔I hope he’s still riding a bike in heaven. 

August 9  ·Jonny had some what of a RBF and played hard to get at times but when he wanted to shine…..he shined. My poor heart 💔💔 

Page Break 

August 10  ·Jonny claimed cam was his dog. Although him and daddy had this discussion; the last one being the day of the incident . Daddy asked him not to do something to cam and he replied “ why cam is my dog”. In a direct sassy Jonny way. Jonny had a love for all animals and watching him and cam lick each others mouths was both gross but beautiful. Cam is hurting ….we all are 💔💔 

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Bereaved mother trying to navigate life after losing my son unexpectedly at 3.5 years old.

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